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About John Foley

I spend a lot of time thinking about music, looking for new ideas in music, and playing them for people. And sometimes I make my own music.

Wondercast006: Wanderlust by John Foley

Ikue and Olive sprinkled with mbira gives way to some fruits of Laswell down in Cuba, bolstered with a trojan guitar skank loop. Every click matters. Defragmentation, /Rupture’ed., Jelinektronic forest funk, stopped by Billy, Ikue, and Olive. Brown Bag, Lunchbox! A minimal techno sandwich from Perth, Córdoba, and Zurich. Mutate, Mutek…then right back to Brooklyn. ‘Back to Cuba?’ Dave Aju asks. It’s A Story With A Touch, for sure. Midnight poppies lead to more Defragmentation. Arto’s Complicity, remixed, and plopped on Skull Disco mixed with John Lurie’s haunting horn. Back for a World Trance. Across the pond again to Switzerland via Storlon, and Germany via Berk. Where Do You Run To? Sub Dub! Nico Dubliners, Thoughts Like Rain. NY, Zorn. Continue reading

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Drunk Aliens With Keytars remixes

After a thorough re-analysis of the data set Revy obtained from the 2009 encounter with Drunk Aliens With Keytars, this remix crew, myself included, concludes ‘utter nonsense’. Free download, or for $5 you get the album on  a neat microSD card.

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Sine Languages: Forgiving

I recently participated in a recent sound project at BSR that I’ve mentioned recently–Sine Languages. Right click to download. Sine Languages: Forgiving

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Radio Show, 11.19.11: Sub for Lo-Fi High

photograph by Sivan Askayo. Radio Show, 11.19.11: Sub for Lo-Fi Hi

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Prestigious Brown Student and Community Radio (BSR) leaving FM for internet

As a college radio DJ at Brown University, I’m sad to say that our last day of programming ON TERRESTRIAL RADIO (for the near future) is July 31, 2011. But as you can see in the press release from the … Continue reading

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sub for Ampersand Theater, 6.11.11

On 6.11.11, I stepped in the studio an hour early to put on my experimental hat. Sub for Ampersand Theater 6.11.11      

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Eleveneleven podcast

For some time I’ve been a fan of the eleveneleven podcast series, now part of Alias Frequencies. I’m super excited to report that I’m this month’s guest programmer! You can stream and download here. Right click to download of course. … Continue reading

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